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Assistance With Electronically Filing Documents

TrueFiling & Bookmarking

In the coming months, TrueFiling will be the required electronic system for filing all case related documents in the Second District Court of Appeal and serving required parties.  As of September 1, 2017, TrueFiling is now mandatory in the Supreme Court.  Once TrueFiling starts in the Second District, we will be providing in-person instruction at our offices in Los Angeles in preparing PDF documents for filing and uploading them.  In the meantime, please review the Step-By-Step guide created by CCAP when filing your petitions for review.  

TrueFiling Guide

When filing a petition for review in the Supreme Court using CCAP's guide, don't forget to add the Attorney General's email address of for our cases.  Also, until the Second District starts TrueFiling, you must still serve an electronic service copy via the Court of Appeal's established e-filing portal.  

The Supreme Court's TrueFiling rules can be found here.

Here’s a short summary:

(1)    Bookmarks:  PDF bookmarking is required throughout the petition at the section and argument headings.  (See the rules linked above for specifics of what to bookmark.)  However, the rules do not specify what to bookmark in the attached Court of Appeal opinion.  We recommend that the bookmarks include the first page of the opinion or the attachment cover sheet and not the sections of the opinion.  This is based on the fact that service copies for the parties do not need to include the opinion.

(2)    Only One Additional Paper Copy for the Court:  The court wants one unbound paper copy (which should be identical to what was electronically filed, including the attached court of appeal opinion), not two bound paper copies.  The unbound paper copy can be paper clipped.

(3)    Mailing:  The paper copy must be mailed to the Supreme Court within 2 days after the electronic filing through TrueFiling.  This replaces the language requiring actual delivery within 2 days.  In other words, the hard copy must be either postmarked or delivered within the 2 days.  However, be careful if you are seeking a seeking an immediate stay; that changes the rule to requiring actual delivery by the close of business the first business day after the electronic filing. 

(4)    No Consecutive Pagination on Opinion:  The pages of the attached Court of Appeal opinion should not be re-paginated to be numbered consecutively to the pages in the petition.  In other words, attachments can have their own pagination.

As noted, before a document can be TrueFiled, it must be bookmarked.  Bookmarking can be accomplished in both WordPerfect and Word documents before they are converted to text-searchable PDFs for filing.  Bookmarks can also be easily added to a PDF version of a brief using Adobe Acrobat Standard. (Adobe Standard is not the free Adobe reader and not the more expensive Adobe Professional.)  

CAP does not endorse any specific product, but a free option for adding bookmarks to a PDF document is a program called Foxit Reader.  Once you have created your final brief in Word or WordPerfect, including the tables and proof of service, you can open the document in the Foxit Reader program and very easily add the required bookmarks.  Save the document with the bookmarks and it's ready for filing.  A Step-By-Step guide created by CCAP explains how to add bookmarks using the program:  Bookmarks with Foxit Reader   


Court of Appeal Guidance

 To assist attorneys, the Court of Appeal created a very helpful Guide to Creating Electronic Appellate Documents and additional guidelines for PDF bookmarks and pagination

The Court of Appeal has also provided the following support page to educate filers as to the requirements of TrueFiling, which includes links to TrueFiling videos explaining everything from establishing an account and uploading and serving a filing.