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Welcome to our website.

We are the Los Angeles office of the California Appellate Project ("CAP/LA").  We are a non-profit law firm. Under a contract with the State of California, CAP/LA manages the court-appointed counsel program for the Second Appellate District Court of Appeal, which has jurisdiction over Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.  We also directly represent some clients under court-appointment.


*** ImageSoft is rolling out a new version of TrueFiling — TrueFiling 3.0. There are changes to the program which will require some action on the part of panel attorneys. The launch date for the Second District is July 13, 2019 and the California Supreme Court is July 27, 2019. Because of the changes to the system and in order to avoid last minute problems when you are filing your first document under the new system, CAP-LA recommends that you visit the TrueFiling 3.0 website well in advance of the 3.0 launch. The Second District Court of Appeal website also has information on the new system, when it will launch, and available training, with links to Webinars.

*** CAP/LA has a new Executive Director. Richard Lennon, who has been Acting Executive Director since the beginning of the year, is now the Executive Director.

*** There has been a policy change in the Second Appellate District as to documents that may be emailed to the division clerks. As of May 1, 1019, Calendar/Oral Argument Notices; Exhibit Transmission Requests asking the Court of Appeal to call up the exhibits for counsel to review them at the Court of Appeal; and List of New Authority must be submitted through TrueFiling. The new lists of documents that may be emailed to the division clerks can be found on the TrueFiling page of this website.

*** All divisions of the Second Appellate District have adopted the unified, district-wide Phoenix H. policy that the Court will no longer issue any notice to your client pertaining to the filing of the Phoenix H. brief or the possibility of filing a pro per brief. For more details on the Phoenix H. policy, see the Dependency page.  

***  As of June 18, 2018, the Second District has revised its style guidelines for filed pleadings.  Please check the Court's website for the most up-to-date information.   See our TrueFiling page for additional information as to updated filing procedures in the Second District.   

If you need a quick link to e-claims it's here:




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