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Updating Address and Tax Information


When you start on the panel or if you change your address, email or tax identification number, the original of the above information sheet must be sent to the JCC with a copy to CAP.  To make sure that CAP has your correct address while the JCC is processing the change, we recommend calling the Duty Day attorney with the updated information. 

The Court of Appeal will use the address and telephone number that you provided on the first document filed in your case as your address and telephone number of record until you provide written notice of a new address or telephone number.  (Rule 8.32(a))

When you change your address, you must promptly serve the other parties and file a notice (original plus 1 copy) of your change of address with the clerk's office.  The Court of Appeal may not accept a new filing from you if your address on the document does not match your address of record.  Also, you may experience a delay in receiving documents mailed by the court. (See Rule 8.32(b)).